Happy Campers Wanted !


Sunset at Kintra Beach, Islay

Sunset at Kintra Beach, Islay

I quite often get e-mails from folk asking my advice about camper vans – and VW Californias in particular – and it’s great to be able to share some of my hints and tips.  However, I’m often reminded that there’s a huge diversity of camper vans and their owners out there.  So what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

So I’m thinking about introducing a new series of posts on my blog that features other VW campers and their owners.  A ‘reader’s rides’ slot, if you like (suggestions for names welcome !).

My blog passed another milestone yesterday, reaching 200,000 views.  A quick glance at the stats suggests that half of my most-viewed posts are to do with VW camper vans – and most particularly, my owner’s review of the VW California and related post on Options and Accessories.  Around 60 people a day view these two posts alone which is great to know there’s lots of interest among potential buyers doing their research.

One of my articles has also been selected in a list of some of the best caravan and camping blog posts and so it’s good that my site is now reaching a broader audience.

So my idea is to build up a series of posts over time that give an insight into the variety of VW camper van owners and their respective vehicles:  how they use their vans, best trips they’ve taken, favourite accessories, best tips for new owners, pet gripes … that kind of thing.  In other words, giving a broader set of information that new and prospective owners will find useful.

So that’s the idea … but it now needs some content and that’s where you come in !

Yes, I mean YOU !

If you …

  • have a shiny new camper van sitting on your drive and have bought some great accessories;
  • live for weekends and holidays so you can escape in your van;
  • have travelled the world your camper and had some amazing adventures;
  • are forever tinkering and modding your camper;
  • live in Perth (Australia) or Perth (Scotland) or anywhere in between;
  • are Mr/Mrs Sporty and your van allows you to get out on your bike/skis/boots/boat; and/or
  • are just so enthusiastic about camper vans you’re bursting to tell someone about your pride and joy …

… then you’re the kind of person I’m keen to hear from.

If you’re interested then please just leave me a comment or an e-mail and I’ll get back to you.  All I need is for you to answer a few standard questions asked of everyone together with a good photo or two, and I’ll do the rest.

Are you a happy camper ?