Sunset at Kintra Beach, Islay

Sunset at Kintra Beach, Islay

I quite often get e-mails from folk asking my advice about camper vans – and VW Californias in particular – and it’s great to be able to share some of my hints and tips.  However, I’m often reminded that there’s a huge diversity of camper vans and their owners out there.  So what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for someone else.

So I’m thinking about introducing a new series of posts on my blog that features other VW campers and their owners.  A ‘reader’s rides’ slot, if you like (suggestions for names welcome !).

My blog passed another milestone yesterday, reaching 200,000 views.  A quick glance at the stats suggests that half of my most-viewed posts are to do with VW camper vans – and most particularly, my owner’s review of the VW California and related post on Options and Accessories.  Around 60 people a day view these two posts alone which is great to know there’s lots of interest among potential buyers doing their research.

One of my articles has also been selected in a list of some of the best caravan and camping blog posts and so it’s good that my site is now reaching a broader audience.

So my idea is to build up a series of posts over time that give an insight into the variety of VW camper van owners and their respective vehicles:  how they use their vans, best trips they’ve taken, favourite accessories, best tips for new owners, pet gripes … that kind of thing.  In other words, giving a broader set of information that new and prospective owners will find useful.

So that’s the idea … but it now needs some content and that’s where you come in !

Yes, I mean YOU !

If you …

  • have a shiny new camper van sitting on your drive and have bought some great accessories;
  • live for weekends and holidays so you can escape in your van;
  • have travelled the world your camper and had some amazing adventures;
  • are forever tinkering and modding your camper;
  • live in Perth (Australia) or Perth (Scotland) or anywhere in between;
  • are Mr/Mrs Sporty and your van allows you to get out on your bike/skis/boots/boat; and/or
  • are just so enthusiastic about camper vans you’re bursting to tell someone about your pride and joy …

… then you’re the kind of person I’m keen to hear from.

If you’re interested then please just leave me a comment or an e-mail and I’ll get back to you.  All I need is for you to answer a few standard questions asked of everyone together with a good photo or two, and I’ll do the rest.

Are you a happy camper ?




48 Comments on “Happy Campers Wanted !

    • Excellent. Please send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you with a few questions. It’d be great to hear where you’ve been from Jersey.

  1. I’m a very happy camper – when I get the chance. I love Scotland and I love your blog. However, I am not a VW camper van owner. I have a Auto-sleeper ES which is a tad bigger than your camper as I like/need my ‘facilities’!!

    I have wild camped mostly in Scotland and spent 10 days on the road last year having a wonderful time – so I like to hear where you’ve been and places you recommend.

    I also enjoy your tips for campers

    So, please don’t forget your non VW fans and keep up the good work x

    • Hi Jane,

      Absolutely ! Let’s have non-VWs too – we’re all campers together. If you e-mail me using the form on the rhs I’ll send you the questions I have in mind. Thanks for getting in touch !

  2. Hi

    We’re new owners (7 days) and one overnight trip in a ’14 T5. We’ve hired T2’s in the past. We’re two adults and two kids, 10 years and 1 years old. Would be happy to share new owner stories if useful.


    • Hi Mark,

      Yes it would be really good to hear your perspective as a new owner. What brought you to get a new T5, first impressions, the camping plans you have, how you get on with a 1-year old and all their ‘gear’ etc. I’ll send you further info by return e-mail.

  3. I also think this is a brilliant idea! I guess we’re Mr & Mrs no frills with loadsa dogs & a T5 in North Wales 😉

    • Excellent Mrs B. Looking forward to lots of van conversion tips and doggy advice from you. Please just drop me an e-mail and we’ll take it from there.

  4. Great idea I am sure I can share with you some of my photo trips around British Isles.Separate email on its way but you may have to wait till next week for answers, in North Devon now

    • Rusty, old, rat look, brand new…. let’s hear all those van stories to give much more variety. Looking forward to hearing more about Betty’s travels.

    • Great – I’m so pleased lots of folk are willing to feature their camper vans and experiences. If you could send me an e-mail the I’ll send further info (and once the first one of the ‘happy campers’ is published the you’ll be able to see the format).

    • Hi John and Nancy, Thanks – and very happy to have you on board. It would be great to hear about your adventures as you set off on your big trip. If could send me an e-mail I’ll send you further info by return.

      • Thanks. Were setting off on our travels on Monday and leave the UK on Thursday after that we’ll only be online whenever we get the chance. But should be at least once a week.

  5. We’d be up for this – we have a 10yr old, new to us, T4 having camped for the last 12 years in a 2 man dome tent! We’re a couple in our 30s. Taking it to Mull this month and Sweden in September. Trying to work out how to get our canoe along for the ride…

    • Great ! Please take a look at ‘Jane and Mabel’ for the set of standard questions – hopefully they should provide you with enough scope to ‘tell your story’ – then send me the text and a good photo or two via the ‘Get in Touch’ form.

      Thanks very much !

    • Great ! If you could send me your ‘story’ against each of the 10 questions, together with one or two good photos, using the form on the rhs, then I’ll do the rest. Thanks very much.

  6. I am happy to join in too! We have a newly painted, owned for 3yrs “Tina Tina Orangina” (named by the kids) all taxed and tested and ready to join 4 of her VW friends for a week long trip to France in May. Her friends are 2 T25s (one LHD, one RHD) and 2 bays (one being very early).

    This is our first ever trip in her apart from a brief overnighter 10miles from home when she was covered in primer!! 🙂

    • Hi and welcome ! An interesting name and it sounds like a great trip in May. Please send me your ‘story’ using the 10 questions and a photo or two and I’ll be back in touch. Thanks !

      • Hi Kerry,

        Thanks very much ! It’s easiest if you could cut and paste it into the Comments box in the ‘Get in Touch’ form on the right hand side of each blog page – just using the standard question format you see on the other Happy Campers features. Hope that makes sense 🙂

      • You could either cut and paste them into the Comments box. Or send me the text first and I’ll reply, allowing you to send attachments in your response. Ok ?!

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  13. Hi! Great blog – so nice to see so many van-bloggers together. We’d love to be part of this and have been converting a VW T5 panel van to a campervan for the last five years – and we’re not finished yet – blogging the journey along the way:
    Nikki & Richard (stone174)

    • HI Nikki & Richard,

      Good to hear from you and it would be great to hear your ‘Happy Campers’ story. You’ve got a really interesting blog (and great photos) – that’s some transformation from your original panel van ! I’d previously clicked on a link from the VW California Forum to your blog post about the Cali meet; it’s good to see what you’ve managed to achieve with your van. If you want to send me material and photos for ‘Happy Campers’ using the form on the rhs I’ll feature this soon.

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  16. Our new 2014 Cali van Raz came home on Wednesday from Northern Ireland, no nights away as of yet but hoping for many trips with her wild camping here in the beautiful Lake District (home) and beyond….

    • Great to hear of your new addition to the family ! If you want to feature as a Happy Camper too just let me know …

  17. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted
    to say superb blog!

    • Oh that’s a shame it didn’t show up … I share your frustration. But thanks very much for stopping by and and I’m really glad you’re enjoying my blog !

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    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by ! It’d be great to feature you in the Happy Camper spot, having just had a quick look at some of your blog posts. If you e-mail me via the ‘Contact me’ form we can take it from there. If you could send your ‘answers’ to the standard questions, plus a photo or two, I can post this up soon. Thanks again !

  20. We have a new Ocean just about to go on it’s first weekend away, turning out to be the coldest weekend of the year, so will be interesting to see how warm it is day and night in Kent.

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