Here’s a great film and a really touching story of a man who drove his 1955 Beetle three times around the world experiencing such amazing adventures. If this isn’t impressive enough, he’s then reunited with his Beetle 45 years later.

Not only is it a story of epic adventures and self-reliance at a time (late ’50s/early ’60s) when such trips were just becoming possible, but it’s also a story of the enduring relationships between vehicles and their owners.

Thanks to zerotosixtyeventually for sharing this wonderful story !

Zero to Sixty . . .Eventually

I came across an article last month which linked to a short documentary produced by Red Urban and Volkswagen Canada.  This film struck a chord with me because it illustrates many of the facets of the car/owner relationship that bind owners of Volkswagens not only to their cars but also to a larger community.  The tale is really comprised of two fantastic stories, the first (both in terms of time and order told) chronicles a man, his 1955 beetle, and their extraordinary travels around the world (in itself a description which captured my attention).  The second story is about another man reuniting the first man with his old four-wheeled friend decades after they parted ways.  Now that is just plain cool! Without a doubt, the web is plastered with great reunification and

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  1. Thanks for keeping this story going! Not sure why I didn’t see it earlier, but I appreciate the reblog!

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