VW California

A small but select gathering congregated in the small village of Meikleour, just north of Perth, for the second get-together of VW California owners last weekend.  It was one of five coordinated meets across the UK in Kent, Somerset, Northampton, Yorkshire and Scotland.

It was great to meet up with like-minded individuals – with two campers present and two sets of owners patiently waiting for their newly-ordered vans to be delivered.  What it lacked in numbers was more than compenstated for by good company, good conversation and good food (in the Meikleour Arms).

And in case you’re wondering … no, we’re not a weird set of vehicle geeks.  Quite the opposite in fact: a perfectly normal, friendly bunch of people who are just enthusiastic about getting out there and enjoying the outdoors in their camper vans.

It’s rare that I see another Cali when out and about.  (Where are you all ?  There must be 100 or more across Scotland ?!)  So it’s great to have a good excuse to really have a nosy at other people’s vans – and most Cali owners seem only too pleased to show off their pride and joy to anyone keen to take a peek.

We’re planning to organise another meet, this time with an overnight stay, sometime later in the year (May or September were mentioned, possibly at Loch Morlich or even somewhere over on the west coast).  Let me know if you’re interested, or keep in touch via the UK VW California Club Forum.  It would be great to have a slightly more impressive line-up of vans !

In the meantime, I’ve been messing around with Adobe Photoshop … hope you like the pics.

VW California


VW California

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