The Digital Nomadz

The Digital Nomadz    [Photo credit – Digital Nomadz]

For some people, a long road trip in a camper van is an escape from normal life, a chance to live a dream and visit distant countries as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  For others, however, the road trip becomes their normal life.  They settle into a new rhythm, finding creative ways to combine opportunities to earn a living while reaping the rewards of overseas travel.  In this second part of my feature on epic VW camper van road trips I’m taking a look at 21st Century nomads – people travelling in their campers and making the rest of us jealous through their blogs.

The Digital Nomadz in Mexico

The Digital Nomadz in Mexico   [ Photo credit – Digital Nomadz]

Steven and Diana, a couple from the Netherlands, are the Digital Nomadz.  Living on the road in a 1972 bay window Volkswagen camper they have deliberately chosen a life that combines travel with their digital careers.  Since 2011 they have been travelling through Central and South America and are currently on Isla Holbox, an island off the Mexican coast.

They’re lucky in that they have skills and experience that lend themselves to a (digital) nomadic lifestyle.  Diana is a web designer while Steven is an entrepreneur encouraging others to enjoy a similar lifestyle through their programme, Working Wonderfully.  They write and blog about their experiences and combine volunteering with paid work.  As they admit on their blog, earning a living while travelling can be a struggle but they offer some useful tips for others.

The Digital Nomadz - Camping on the road

The Digital Nomadz – Camping on the road  [Photo credit – Digital Nomadz]

Also travelling through Central and South America at present are Adam and Emiliy Harteau and their daugher, Colette.  They originally left their home in Los Angeles in October 2012 and planned to be home in about a year.  However, they’ve now decided that they like the life so much they’re going to stay on the road, taking an epic 23,000-mile, 20-country road trip to the southernmost tip of South America and back in their 1990 VW Westfalia.Adam’s an artist and photographer and has built a loyal following through their blog, Our Open Road, an inspirational read and visual feast.  A recent article in the New York Times also helped provide just a little welcome publicity.

Our Open Road [Photo credit: Kickstarter]

Our Open Road [Photo credit: Kickstarter]

Initially, they raised $16,000 through Kickstarter for the year-long trip, justified on the basis of providing creative inspiration for Adam’s work.  However, to earn a living they’ve also secured corporate sponsorships, started exporting South American textiles and are also planning a cookbook.  Much of this wasn’t planned but has simply been smart improvisation as their trip has unfolded.

I dare say living on the road has its fair share of challenges – and perhaps some of these are glossed over – but this is clearly an inspirational lifestyle and I for one am happy to sit back and enjoy their adventures.

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