The Beatnik Beatles at Monument Valley [Photo credit:]

The Beatnik Beatles at Monument Valley [Photo credit:]

It’s not often that I’m captivated by a book but I’m really enjoying reading “The Long and Whining Road” by Simeon Courtie.  It’s a true account of his family’s round-the-world trip in a T25 camper van told in a very accessible, down to earth and humorous way.

What sets the trip apart from many other adventures is that the whole idea of taking a whole year off to travel the world in a camper van was seemingly sparked by a spur-of-the-moment comment by Courtie’s Beatles-obsessed nine year-old daughter.  “Why not busk around the world singing Beatles songs, raising money for charity ?”, they wondered.  “Everyone’s heard of the Beatles; the music of the Fab Four will win us friends the world over“.

Before they knew it, they’d bought some instruments (they weren’t already musicians), bought a camper van, rented out their house (to someone recently declared bankrupt) and were heading out from Strawberry Fields in Liverpool to Strawberry Fields in New York.  You get the sense that for a very, very big adventure, really not very much time was actually spent in making some pretty big decisions !

The long and whining road

I won’t spoil any more of the story – I’m still reading it myself – but I’ll warn you that this is a very unputdownable book.  You can find out more about their epic road trip over on the Beatnik Beatles website.

Here’s a TV interview with the Courtie family just preparing for their round-the-world trip – just an ordinary family with a crazy idea setting out on an extraordinary adventure (sounds like the trailer for their film ...):

… and the story of their adventure told in their own words just before they left:

I think this is such a great story of an epic adventure.  It’s inspired me to dig around for some other examples of epic road trips in VW camper vans.

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