A while ago I read that the VW California is not available in California … or any other US State for that matter.  It’s not altogether clear what the reasons are so I thought I’d dig a little deeper.  There certainly seems to be anecdotal demand for such a camper among prospective US buyers from the comments I’ve seen.  So why isn’t it for sale in the US ?

VW’s approach in the US seems be focused on filling niche markets as described in this post on Todd Bianco’s blog .  While earlier vans of the ’60s and ’70s, the T3 Vanagon and the T4 Eurovan were all successful to varying degrees it appears that the growing trend for SUVs and people carriers in the 1990s significantly changed the nature of consumer demand.  In spite of VW positioning the Eurovan in the States as a family-oriented people carrier with much more space than ‘similar’ American SUVs, SUVs won the battle and VW increasingly found itself unable to carve out a niche of sufficient volume.

Volkswagen Vanagon photographed in College Par...

Photo credit – Wikipedia Commons

In 2003 the Eurovan was withdrawn and replaced with the Tourag SUV.  But it wasn’t a big success.  Some years later, VW also partnered with Chrysler to turn to rebadge the Town & Country minivan into the Routan which, in spite of significant discounting and marketing, only sold less than 15, 000.  So no VW camper has been available for sale in the US since 2003.

2009 Volkswagen Routan photographed in Washing...

Photo credit – Commons.Wikipedia.org

Another possible reason for VW’s lack of success in gaining a foothold in the US is price.  At current exchange rates, the VW California would probably have a price tag of around $65,000 and possibly more.  I have read that an additional 25% tariff is imposed on light vans imported from Germany and France – the so-called “chicken tax”, since it was introduced in response to restrictions on the importation of US chicken during the cold war of the 1960s.  While a little bizarre this is plausible … but doesn’t exactly explain why VW buses were so successful in the States in the ’60s and ’70s, when the tax also applied.

So it seems that American consumer tastes, the presumed lack of scale in the niche camper market and relatively high prices all combine to make it not worth VW’s while to sell the California in the US.  In the meantime, VW fans have to make do with keeping older vans on the road, buying through specialist sellers such as Poptopheaven.com or attempting to import T5s from Europe.

However, given strong VW brand loyalty – as witnessed by the interest in The Bus Movie and VW’s current efforts to capitalise on VW owners’ emotional bonds with VW cars and buses – I do wonder if VW have mis-judged the commercial potential of the California in the States.



Given the range of different potential explanations for VW USA’s position, and prompted by the various responses to my blog post below, I contacted VW USA to ask them directly why they don’t offer the VW California for sale in the US.  They responded:

There are currently no plans to bring a VW conversion van to the U.S.  One of the downsides of being an importer for the U.S. market is that it is not always feasible to sell every model available in other countries.  Circumstances are not favorable to bring a conversion van* into the U.S. and still have it be priced competitively in its market“.

(* I did point out that the California isn’t a conversion van …).

93 Comments on “Why is the VW California not available in the USA ?

  1. Oh and NOW the VW California XXL – my mouth waters. Big Ugly/Beautiful Functional!

  2. I owned a 1976 VW Van for 16 years before I sold it to a young surfer. I moved back to the Midwest and the heater couldn’t handle cold weather. I’d buy this camper van in a second if it was available in the US. As the Boomers, who used to own the original vans, retire, there is a market in the US for this camper. I hope VW reconsiders and brings it to the US.

  3. We have owned a VW Bus and a Vanagon while our 3 sons were still at home. We currently own a travel trailer that we pull behind our truck. At the age of 70 and retired, my wife and I would love to buy a VW California T6 that would enable us to travel the country without the trouble of pulling a trailer. If it is imported to US we will be one of the first ones to camp outside our VW dealer to buy one!!

  4. I would love to have the club joker or the california , especially the club joker

  5. Im in the us and i want to bus this. I dont like vw but i still want this. Vw have missed a prime opportunity with people like me.

  6. I would buy the California in a heartbeat. It is not a comfortable feeling driving an older Eurovan Camper and wondering what might go wrong when we are 1,000+ miles from home. I continue to baby the one I have, but really want a new one! Are there ways to influence VW to send them to the USA?

  7. Your missing out on making huge amounts of money on people like me who would buy the California VW Transporter Van-T6 in a second!!! Why not try take a risk & see what happens? Swan

  8. We have a 1992 Eurovan CV made by Westfalia but only available in Canada, not the US from 1992-1995. It is essentially a VW California but with a 5 cylinder Audi engine and less electronics, electrical pop – top etc. I hope that the California can be made available in Canada even if Trump’s tariffs keep it from the US.

  9. The U.S. doesn’t want people living out of their van, or the freedom it will allow people to have. Imagine not being stuck in a 30 year mortgage and being able to park and live anywhere you want. The concept interferes with our capitalist thought process, and what the American dream really is… that’s why you will never find affordable class b RV’s ever in the US of A. Greed, the economy, and government won’t allow it.

    • We are lucky to live in Canada and have a VW Westfalia Eurovan CV camper which is almost exactly the same as the new Limited edition California except for the new technology and powered roof. It was exported from Germany to Canada but not to the US from 1992-1995. The US built its own version by Winnibego from 1995. I am trying to find if I can import a new California to Canada, especially if we do not have to pay new tariffs.

  10. Does anyone have resources on what dealers outside the US specialize in US customers who want to import a new California model painlessly … and legally?

  11. Please stop doing this lazy math. A California would cost around $40k in the US (without the chicken tax). UK prices include all sorts of fees and taxes. Example: A GTI in the UK cost £33,000, which translates to $40,000. But a new GTI in the US costs around $27,000, 32.5% cheaper than doing the currency conversion.

    Back-of-the-napkin calculation: California Beach costs £46,432 or $56,337. Deduct 32.5% and you get $38,027.

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