I’ve been mulling over why I wanted to start this blog.

I don’t profess to be ‘expert’ in anything (quite the opposite in fact; we’re all learning) so it’s not a way to share any particular expertise.  I’m no extrovert and don’t feel the need to share my every waking thought with the world.  And I’m certainly not a techno-geek (although I am quite enjoying the challenge of getting to grips with WordPress).

No, for me I think this about a personal challenge – or more particularly, a series of linked challenges.  Being a keen hillwalker (I plan to ‘compleat’ all of Scotland’s munros in 2013) I’ve turned my mind to ‘what’s next’.  Being goal-oriented I’m looking for the next challenge(s); things that will motivate and engage me, and keep me learning.

Ticking yet more hills off a list really doesn’t excite me (and I’m not sure my wife would exactly be thrilled …) so that closes off climbing the Munro Tops, Corbetts, Marilyns and the rest.  However, there are lots of other hobbies I’m getting into.  I recently bought a kayak, I’ve taken up running, completed a sprint triathlon last month and have enjoyed getting back into cycling.  I’m also keen to develop my photography skills.  And of course I love camping, both under canvas and in my pride and joy, a VW California.

In addition, I’m enthusiastic about living and working in Scotland.  Perhaps it’s because it’s my adopted home but I’m keen to get ‘out there’ and explore Scotland – and particularly its remoter, out-of-the-way places.  (After all, one of the reasons I took up climbing the munros was to find a good reason to discover my own country).

So to sum up, this blog is a way for me to share my enthusiasm for exploring Scotland and its wilder places.  I’ll learn as I go.  In addition to the challenge of starting a blog, I’ll find some new outdoor challenges to address and through its posts hopefully can inform – and be informed – about life’s big adventures.  I’m looking forward to sharing this and getting any feedback.

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