Volksfling 2015

It’s great to have the chance to see prized VWs up close and so I paid another return visit to Volksfling this weekend which takes place in May and August each year at Biggar.… Continue reading

A night out with the stars

  Inspired by those wonderful night time photos of the milky way or meteors streaking across the sky I headed out for a night with the stars. I’m pretty much a novice when… Continue reading

Seeing the northern lights in August

Chasing the northern lights from the UK is a fickle business.  The impressive displays of lights overhead – the photos you normally see posted up from Alaska, Northern Canada or Northern Scandinavia –… Continue reading

Shooting stars at the Devil’s Beeftub

“The Devil’s Bathtub, surely ?”, I said. “A tub to keep beef in ?“, my son offered, optimistically. It was while pondering the curious origins** of the dramatic 500-foot hollow in the hills above the… Continue reading

Is the new VW T6 California for me?

                                                                 … Continue reading

Sgor Mor – A Chilly Cairngorm Corbett

August should be a time for relaxing summer walking.  It brings warm, dry weather and gives way to high summit camps and long, lazy evenings. I kept reminding myself of this as I… Continue reading

10 Delicious ‘Real food’ Backpacking Recipes

. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of us put little effort into thinking about food when we go backpacking and wild camping.  High on our list of priorities are the… Continue reading

My BBC radio interview – Hiring and owning a campervan

My debut on the radio talking about camper vans took place this week.  A BBC researcher found my blog and I was delighted to be invited on to Friday’s ‘Out for the Weekend’ programme,… Continue reading

A midsummer’s wild camp

  Sometimes a quick trip to the hills doesn’t need much planning: it’s just a case of deciding where to go, packing some essentials and taking off.  A ‘microadventure’ accurately describes a quick… Continue reading

LEJOG – Final reflections

  So much has been written by others who have cycled end-to-end.  Everyone has their own story to tell and the range of experiences are so broad that generalisations are meaningless.  However, having… Continue reading